Collaborative Postgraduate Program

University of Malta (UM) and LM Thapar School of Management, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (TIET, Formerly known as Thapar University)

MSc in ICT (CIS) full time 60 ECTS taught 60ECTS research by University of Malta 

Are you ready to apply? Click here (in the notes section please indicate that you are applying through this program by adding the following course code: "Master of Science-UM-Thapar in ICT (CIS)")

For queries or further information, please reach out to Dr. Vipul Gupta (LMTSM)

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About the MSc in ICT- Computers and Information Systems course

The Master of Science in ICT aims to provide areas of excellence in the field of ICT that are suitable for the Information and Communications industry. The MSc in ICT aims to instill a high level of knowledge in the areas of expertise with additional focus on fostering research on and development of new ideas in these areas.

The CIS Department is one of the first departments within the Faculty of ICT of the University of Malta, and actually predates the Faculty itself. Our Department was established in 1993 and has always played an essential role in many of the degree programmes offered by various University entities - even before the establishment of the Faculty of ICT itself in 2007. 


CIS, as a field of academic study, encompasses:

  1. The study and adaptation of systems, natural and engineered, from various perspectives - computational, data, human and societal.
  2. The concepts, principles, and processes inherent in the acquisition, deployment, and management of information technology resources and services (the information systems function)
  3. The development, operation, and evolution of infrastructure and systems for use in organisational processes. The systems that handle information and communication services in an organisation combine technical components, humans, and real-world processes.

About LM Thapar School of Management (LMTSM)

LM Thapar School of Management forms part of the sixty-year-old Thapar University and is one of the leading business schools in India. LM Thapar School of Management, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (TIET) mainly aims to develop truly global citizens with a deeper understanding of culture, business practices, history, government, politics and geography of the different regions across the globe.

Eligibility, Fees and Award

ECTS Requirements: 120 ECTS (4 semester over 2 years)


  • Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering / Information Technology / Computer Applications with a minimum of 60% in aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA or grade secured from a recognized University/Institute.
  • Good Score in IELTS (to be secured before January 2021)
  • Ambition and good communication skills with a supportive attitude

For more information on eligibility, please click here .

Fee for complete programs (4 Semesters): Euros 10,000

  • Semester 1: Euros 2,500 to be deposited at LM Thapar School of Management
  • Semester 2, 3 and 4: Euros 2,500 each semester to be deposited at University of Malta

Award of full-time Postgraduate degree: University of Malta

Course Structure

  • Stage I (First semester at LMTSM): Initially students will be admitted to LMTSM, Thapar University and will spend 6 months in India so as to earn 15-20 credits (equivalent to 30-40 ECTS). This will be considered as a foundation semester and UoM is expected to consider at least 30 ECTS out of these credits for the award of the degree.
  • Stage II (Second, Third and fourth Semester at University of Malta): Students will then be visiting Malta from January 2021 till the end of June 2022 of the following year.
    • 30 ECTS Taught between January and June: During this time they will be engaged in regular lecture sessions based on specialization of their choice and will earn 30 ECTS during the second semester. 
    • 60 ECTS Research: In the third and fourth semesters they will explore the opportunity of Industry/Research projects for further enhancement of their skills and will earn 60 ECTS.
    • University of Malta will award them an MSc in ICT (CIS) degree at this stage based on the student's performance. They will need to obtain 120ECTS in total to graduate.

Admission Process

Step 1: Application for the Program

  1. Register online: Visit this link specifically designed for this collaborative program. This will direct applicants to the application form. 
  2. Filling of application form: Applicants have to fill up the application form carefully without missing any detail. If the marks are not known or not available at the time of filling the application, please indicate "Results are awaited" in the marks/grade column. The candidate is expected to send the marks to the university as soon as it is available to ascertain the eligibility. It is to be noted that the application will be considered only if the marks are made available to the university within the stipulated date. If the marks sheets of the qualifying examination are not submitted within the stipulated date, LM Thapar School of Management or University of Malta cannot be held responsible for the lost opportunity to study or future career.
  3. Acknowledgement: On receipt of the completed application along with the prescribed application fee, an application number will be allotted and emailed to the applicant. We may request additional or missing information, if required. Please quote the application number in all your correspondences related to admissions.
  4. Applicants Recordkeeping: Applicant’s details are to be shared with LM Thapar School of Management for further processing. Please contact Dr. Vipul Gupta

Step 2: Personal Interview

Online/ In-person interview will organized by LM Thapar School of Management for all the applicants through the committee comprising of members from both universities as a part of the assessment. Based on the recommendation of this committee, notification of the confirmed admission.

Step 3: Provisional Admission

Based on the recommendation of the interview committee and fulfillment of other admission requirements, if the candidate found to be suitable, then the provisional admission letter will be emailed to the applicants by LMTSM with details of tuition fee and other fees payable. This provisional admission letter is not valid for visa purposes.

Step 4:  Document Verification and Admission Confirmation

On the receipt of final mark sheets and all other mandatory documents are received and verified, the candidate has to deposit (a) First Semester tuition fees and (b) examination fees. Thereafter, the letter of confirmed admission will be issued by LMTSM to the candidate. 

Step 5: Enrollment with University of Malta

Based on the letter of confirmed admission issued by LMTSM, the candidate is required to enroll with the University of Malta through a link which will be shared to the confirmed candidates separately. After successful enrollment, University of Malta will issue a formal admission letter and student ID to the candidate which can be used for the application of a student visa for Malta


Important Dates

Last day to submit the application form online August 15th, 2020 
Short-listing of candidates August 20th, 2020 
Personal interview August 22nd - 24th, 2020
Intimation to selected candidates August 25th, 2020
Document verification & fee deposit - Thapar August 31st, 2020
Enrollment with the University of Malta - an email with the deadline for enrolment will be sent to accepted applicants. September 15th, 2020
Document verification (University of Malta) will take place in Malta in January. Fee Deposit deadline will be included in the letter of acceptance. January, 2021

Note: Dates might change from time to time. Please visit this page for the latest updates.

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