Our Belief


To develop Globally Sensitive and Excellence Seeking management professionals with a Social Entrepreneurial Mindset.

  • Global Sensitivity: It starts with an appreciation for the need for developing a deeper understanding of the world with respect to management and leadership practices, policies and societal outcome expectations. Finally, a deeper understanding of the culture, economy, geography, politics, demography and history of the various regions of the world.

  • Excellence Seeking: Starting point is developing a “how can we make it better” mindset. This should result in a willingness/passion to “do it better than before,” a continuous improvement mindset. Ultimately becoming a champion of excellence. Excellence becomes the part of the life journey of the professional.

  • Social Entrepreneurial Mindset: Being able to act based on the unconditional belief that what is good for the corporation should be good for the community, the country and the world at large.

Our Vision-2030

To be a source of impactful ideas for influencing global business and management practices through research, education, consulting, and corporate & community engagement.

A Source of Impactful Ideas

– Our vision is to create a business school which contributes towards building sustainable institutions and effective governance structures for businesses, government and civil society. Men and women in every walk of life have a lot to learn from business schools, and business professionals & scholars have a lot to learn from every other discipline of intellectual pursuit. We dream of creating a platform which enables students, professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs and activists come together, and create, exchange & disseminate knowledge.

Our Values

We create a culture of mutual learning and knowledge sharing which is guided by the following values:

  1. Ethical decision making

  2. Inclusiveness

  3. Sustainability orientation

  4. Entrepreneurial mindset

  5. Confidence with humility

Our MBA Program Goal

  • Enabling graduates to find solutions for social and organizational issues in sustainable and entrepreneurial ways

  • Making graduates understand global business and management practices with a ‘do it better than before’ mindset

Our MBA graduates’ attributes

  • Strategic thinking

  • Triple disciplinary expertise (behavioural science and two specializations)

  • Excellence seeking mindset

  • Global sensitivity

  • Social Entrepreneurial mindset

  • Sustainability orientation

Our Ph.D. Program Goal

  • Educating graduates to attain research proficiency

  • Enabling graduates to contribute scholarly knowledge for advancing the global business and management practice

Our Ph.D. graduates’ attributes

  • Scholarly thinking

  • Expertise in research and publication

  • Engaged scholarship

Our Motto

Initiate, Innovate, Inspire, Implement…


LM Thapar School of Management

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Off Derabassi - Barwala road
District Mohali- 140507
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